Most Overrated Famous Classical Pieces

I think one of the reasons everyone thinks classical music is so boring is because any advocate for classical music is afraid to say there are pieces they don't like in fear that they will turn off non-listeners forever. I think we should talk about it.

squidward running from clarinets
  1. Mozart Clarinet Concerto. As a clarinet player, I've heard this concerto approximately 754285 times. Ironically, the second movement of this concerto is what first sparked my interest in clarinet, but the rest of it is so tonal I fall asleep every time. I'm sure I would love it if I was born in the 1700s, but I wasn't. So here we are.
  2. Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture. Enough is enough.
  3. Schubert Erlkönig. Ahhhh no music theory, history, or survey class would be complete without this beauty. I don't hate it by any means, but I have studied it formally a total of 3 times. Trust me, that's a lot. Each subsequent time I studied it, the more I realized there really isn't much to this song. I get that, at the time, it was very innovative to write 4 characters into 1 part, but it just seems so obvious and transparent to me now, it's hard to appreciate it in it's full glory.
  4. Rimsky-Korsakov Flight of the Bumblebee. Again, not a piece I hate, but way too many of my high school friends aspired to play this just because it sounds fast and impressive. Fast and impressive only impresses me for a short time.
  5. Handel's Messiah. I attended a live performance of this in Symphony one snowy night in Boston, complete with standing up during the Hallelujah chorus and everything. I enjoyed that performance, but I have no desire to listen again. Handel, harpsichord, and hours classical singing are not my favorite things.
hallelujah sister act

Completely disagree with me? Comment below. Completely agree with me? Comment Below? Half disagree, half agree? I think you're starting to see the trend.