The Ariel Effect

My very first private voice lesson started like this, "Hi, I'm Ashley and I want to take voice lessons because I'm singing Frozen too much and I'm hurting my throat and losing my voice." If you've ever lost your voice because of singing, keep reading!

Our resident voice teacher, Executive Director, and magic voice healer, Lindsay Rinaldi gave me some tips for saving your body in the midst of a voice crisis.

  1. Drink PLENTY of water.

  2. Make sure you get a full night's sleep every night.

  3. I keep a lot of throat coat tea in the lounge that anyone is welcome to use.

  4. Make sure you warm up sufficiently before you sing.  This helps tremendously.  I always try to stretch and vocalize for at least 20 minutes before I really start practicing

  5. Limit going back and forth between speaking and singing.  I usually minimize my own singing while I'm teaching.

  6. When you are speaking, make sure you are using your body to support your spoken voice as well as your singing voice (this has a tendency to slip when going back and forth).

Bonus tip: If you think your throat is really swollen, try drinking some water with a drop or two of peppermint oil in it. Lindsay told me it would taste like a candy cane, and just as I took a sip she said, "Oh, and it might burn a little". As I began coughing, she also added, "And don't put that into a cup you want to use again, it can destroy the lining of a plastic cup, but don't worry, your stomach lining is much stronger!" So, take that advice for what you will!

Have you ever struggled with losing your voice? What helped you? Agree or disagree with any of these tips? Leave a comment below!


Ashley Wright

Ashley has a breadth of experience in administration, music, and music management. She currently works as the Office Registrar at the Nashua Community Music School and manages the New England Chamber Players and Barbershop Ladies of Tallahassee (where she was a founding member). Ashley designed and implemented both the NECP and BLT websites, as well as designed the BLT logo. She was formerly an usher and stage crew member at the Florida State University Ruby Diamond Auditorium, and a resident assistant and office assistant at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute.

Ashley has played with the Nevers’ Second Regiment Band, the Southern New Hampshire University Wind Symphony, and she attended the Belgian Clarinet Academy last summer. She recently graduated with a BA in Music from Florida State University as a clarinet major, where she studied with Dr. Deborah Bish. For other musical accomplishments: last year, Ashley composed a film score that was recorded by the Florida State University Philharmonia Orchestra and played tenor saxophone and sung backup vocals in the FSU Ruby Diamond Auditorium for the FSU Blues Band with Charles Atkins.

She received her first bachelor's degree in physics (with a music minor) from Boston University. She worked as an engineer for two years in Quality Assurance and Software before returning to school for her music degree, and she spent last summer as a software intern. She has a lot of experience developing independent Python tools, especially for data processing.