Flute Choir

Shari Shaw

Shari Shaw

with Shari Shaw

The NCMS Flute Choir is the perfect way for students who know the basics of flute to have fun playing with a group of their peers. Playing in a small group is completely different than playing solo or in a big band, making Flute Choir an ideal compliment to private lessons or the school band experience.

For students looking for a new musical experience, our instructor, Shari Shaw, customizes the music in each class to guarantee the perfect amount of challenge for each member of the group. Students get the chance to try to flutes of all sizes, including piccolo, alto flute, the contrabass flute, and more!  Shari brings years of experience to NCMS as a member of the New England Flute Orchestra.  The NCMS Flute Choir often plays concerts throughout the community, sharing its camaraderie through great music to audiences throughout the Greater Nashua Area.

NCMS Flute Choir

  • For students above the beginner level

  • Fall 2019 Info Coming Soon!

  • Students new to NCMS may be asked to perform a placement audition.