Group Keyboard Classes

Collaborative Keyboard Class

Learn to play, compose and arrange classic musical pieces among friends in this new and inspiring collaborative keyboard class.  This class explores a variety of repertoire that aims to show students the fun in playing together.  Through a series of duos, original group compositions and keyboard ensembles, students bring their previous piano experience to new heights under the direction of master piano instructor, Marie Mendelow.

Harmony Road®

All courses offered in this group are part of the Harmony Road curriculum. The curriculum, created by Jan Keyser, involves ear training, singing and keyboard playing taught in a developmentally appropriate way. It is a wonderful musical foundation for any student as they will be taught in a confidence building, group environment that emphasizes being able to distinguish correct pitches. Parents will quickly recognize the strong educational value behind these classes. Each 10 week term ends with a Harmony Road Party which celebrates the work of all students in the various levels of the program with family, friends and delicious treats.

Spring 2016 Course Schedule

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There is a $20-$30 course fee for the materials associated with each level of Harmony Road.

Not sure which Harmony Road class is right for you?  

Click here to learn more about the Harmony Road Music Course Curriculum Flow.


Do you and your friends want to join the Harmony Road Program?  We would be happy to put together a special class for your children at an alternate time.  The class minimum is only 6 students, so e-mail us TODAY with your requests. 




Harmony Road Promotion Ceremony

Harmony Road Promotion Ceremony

Harmony Road Party Winter 2015

Harmony Road Party Winter 2015