Intro To Piano & Percussion Junior

This weekly 45 minute class invites students new to music the opportunity to explore the many facets of piano, note reading, rhythm and percussion. Through a carefully designed curriculum that pairs introductory piano skills and note reading with fun and exciting rhythmic drumming,  Master Instructor Marie Mendelow and friends will surely captivate and inspire the musical curiosities of any young student. Parents are highly encouraged, but not required to participate in the class side-by-side with their child. This course includes the cost of Harmony Road 1 Books and CD to help practice at home become a fun family activity. Intro to Piano & Percussion Jr. is open to students ages 4-6.

  • Fall info coming soon!


Piano Skills

Learning basic piano skills is the best way to create a solid foundation to explore music in all its forms.  This class will introduce the keys of the piano, basics of note reading, and finger work necessary for a succesful introduction to the instrument.  These skills can easily translate into the private lesson setting on any instrument in the future. We recommend that students have access to a keyboard at home to practice, but it is not required.

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Rhythm & Drumming

Proper rhythm is one of the most essential parts of learning to play any kind of music.  We make it fun by using a full range of multicultural instruments in order to learn to read notated rhythms, notice patterns, and to feel the overall beat.  This rhythmic knowledge is easily transferable to the piano or to another instrument as well. 


End of the term party!

No class series would be complete without an end of the term party!  Students get to celebrate the work that they've done with fun games and special in class musical festivities.