Private Lessons

Private lessons with our award winning professional staff are available for all ages. Weekly lessons are available in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions that are individually tailored to the music ability level of each student.  We currently offer instruction on the piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, percussion and tuba.  Each term all students are invited to participate in our Student Recital Series provides the opportunity to perform live several times a year.

Students new to NCMS should take advantage of our Trial Pack of 3 lessons for $99!

NEW: Private Lesson Programs: Registration and Pricing as of Academic Year 2018/2019

NCMS now offers tiered pricing for all private and duo lesson programs.  As of 2018/2019, the more lessons you sign up for, the lower the total cost.  All lessons are booked with an initial nonrefundable 15% deposit.  The remaining balance can be split into monthly payments by choosing a payment plan at checkout or by contacting the Main Office.  Special exceptions to this policy will be made for scholarship students.

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NEW: Flexible Scheduling for Academic Year Students

NCMS now offers flexible scheduling for students who enroll for the full Academic Year.  This means that if a recurring conflict arises, students may switch their lesson time to an alternate available lesson time at any point throughout the academic year (instead of waiting to the end of the term).  This policy allows students to commit to taking lessons throughout the full academic year, but not necessarily to the time slot initially selected.  Weekly adjustments for 1 time conflicts are not permitted, unless special exceptions are made by the individual instructor.

NCMS now offers the opportunity to share your lessons with another member in your immediate household.  If a recurring time conflict arises and an alternate lesson time is not available or does not fit the student’s intended schedule, the remaining lessons may be permanently transferred to an alternate member of the same household for immediate use.  All billing will continue as regularly scheduled, regardless of the transfer.