Welcome to the Nashua Community Music School! You may download a complete copy of our Registration Policies by clicking here.

Our policies have been been updated for the 2019/2020 Academic Year.

Please review the policies below prior to completing your registration.

Registration Procedure

Choose A Program:

Private lessons, Duo Lessons, Group Classes, Music Ensembles, or Music Therapy

Register Online:

View available lesson times and classes through our online Active Registration System or contact the Main Office by phone 603-881-7030 or e-mail info@nashuacms.org to submit your inquiry.

Start Marking Music:

Complete the Online Registration Form with your preferred payment method.

A non-refundable $99 deposit is required with the submission of your registration in order to reserve a lesson time or spot in a class/ensemble for each student.  Families may choose to create a monthly payment plan or pay the remaining balance in full by the first lesson/class of the term. 

Payment Policy:

An annual registration fee of $35/year per student, or $45/year per family is required.  All tuition and fees are due in full by the first class of each term unless you have activated a monthly Payment Plan.  All regular payments can be made by check or credit card and may be processed by mail, online, over the phone, or in person at the Main Office.  Any student who fails to submit tuition payment in accordance with these policies will forfeit their spot in their assigned NCMS program. 

Monthly Payment Plans:

We offer a convenient monthly payment plan option for all lessons and classes.  Families may setup a monthly payment plan during the online Active registration process or directly through the Main Office.  The final payment of each payment plan must be scheduled one month prior to the completion of your registered term.

Payment Options:

The following options are available for payment:

  1. Pay online through your Active Account.

  2. Pay in person at the Main Office by cash, check or credit card during open office hours.

Scholarship Students:

Students who have been awarded a financial aid scholarship should register directly with the Main Office.  Please call ahead and submit your renewal scholarship applications early to reserve your preferred time slot.

Private Lesson Programs: Registration and Pricing as of Academic Year 2019/2020

NCMS offers tiered pricing for all private and duo lesson programs.  This means the more lessons you sign up for, the lower the cost per lesson.  All lessons are booked with an initial nonrefundable $99 deposit*.  The remaining balance can be split into monthly payments by choosing a payment plan at checkout or by contacting the Main Office.  Special exceptions to this policy will be made for scholarship students.  Prices below include the $35 Annual Registration Fee. Please click on the table below to view the pricing scheme for each term option.

Policy on Schedule Changes:

Any registrations received prior to the start of the Academic School year may be allowed to change their lesson time to another available timeslot up until the first day of the term: Wednesday, Sept. 4th, 2019. After the start of the Fall Term, students enrolled on a term-by-by term basis must wait until the end of their term to request a lesson time change. Students may withdraw less the deposit up until the week before the start of any lesson program or class series. Deposits are nonrefundable in all cases. No refunds will be given to students for private lesson programs, regardless of the status of their payment plan.

Flexible Scheduling for Academic Year Students

NCMS offers flexible scheduling for students who enroll for the Full Academic Year.  This means that if a recurring conflict arises, students may switch their lesson time to an alternate available lesson time at any point throughout the academic year (instead of waiting to the end of the term).  This policy allows students to commit to taking lessons throughout the full academic year, but not necessarily to the time slot initially selected.  Weekly adjustments for 1 time conflicts are not permitted, unless special exceptions are made by the individual instructor.

NCMS now offers the opportunity to share your lessons with another member in your immediate household.  If a recurring time conflict arises and an alternate lesson time is not available or does not fit the student’s intended schedule, the remaining lessons may be permanently transferred to an alternate member of the same household for immediate use.  All billing will continue as regularly scheduled, regardless of the transfer.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy:

Policy For Private Lessons:

Deposits are nonrefundable in all cases. Students may withdraw less the deposit up until the week before the start of any lesson program or class series. No refunds will be given to students for private lesson programs, regardless of the status of their payment plan. We encourage students who experience recurring time conflicts to take advantage of our new flexible scheduling and lesson share options. Students are responsible for payment in full of each private lesson program and cannot be withdrawn, with exceptions made for medical or family emergencies.  Any requests for exceptions due to medical or family emergencies to this policy should be addressed to the Executive Director and must be received in writing.  Requests will be considered jointly by the Executive Director and the NCMS Executive Board of Directors, as necessary.  A response to all requests will be received within 2 weeks of the submission.

Policy for Group Classes, Ensembles, and Summer Camps:

Refunds are not given for withdrawals from group classes, ensembles or summer camps unless the course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

Communication of Absences or Tardies:

NCMS asks that all notification of absences or tardies are sent directly to the Main Office by e-mail or phone. This message will be relayed to the teacher by the Main Office in a timely manner.

Makeup Policy:

Policy for Private Lessons:

A private student may make up ONE absence per term during the designated make-up days in the NCMS Academic Calendar 2018/1019.  Additional student absences will not be rescheduled or credited.  All rescheduling is typically arranged between the student, teacher, and the main office. If a student misses a make-up lesson, there is no refund/credit and no additional make-up.  Each term has a pre-scheduled make-up days worked into our academic calendar. No refunds, credits, or make-ups are given for forgotten lessons, tardies, or last minute cancellations. 

2019/2020 Make-up Dates

Fall 2019: 12/16/19-12/20/19

Winter 2020: Select Fridays as needed*

Spring 2020: 6/9/20-6/22/19

*Due to the variable number of snow days over the past few winters, NCMS has replaced the winter term make-up week with make-up lessons on select Fridays from January-March 2019, as needed.

NOTE ABOUT SUMMER: No make-ups or refunds are given in the summer term. Please plan your summer lessons carefully.

Teacher absences or missed lessons due to weather cancellations will always be given a make-up opportunity.

Policy for Group Classes, Ensembles, and Summer Camps:

No refunds, credits or make-ups are given for individual absences in a class or ensemble. Our schedule is based on the Nashua School district schedule. We cannot offer additional make-ups to students from other areas who take vacations while NCMS is in session.  Typically, there are no make-up opportunities for missed classes/ensembles due to snow cancellation.  Special exceptions may be made if there are multiple, concurrent snow day cancellations.  These extra makeup classes will be held at the discretion of the Executive Director.

NOTE: No make-ups or refunds are given in the summer semester. Please plan your summer classes/camps carefully.

Inclement Weather Policy:

Cancellation of classes or lessons due to weather will be announced on WMUR channel 9 in NH and on the WMUR website, posted on the Home Page of the NCMS website and will be found on our voicemail.  All private lessons cancelled due to inclement weather will be made up by the instructor.

Behavior Policy:

All students and those accompanying them are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.  Any individual who disrupts the peace, or causes any damage to property will be asked to leave at the discretion of the Executive Director or appropriate staff member present. They will be allowed to return at the discretion of the Executive Director. If it is decided that the person is not welcome back, no refund will be given.


We occasionally photograph students for promotional purposes. Please provide NCMS with a written statement if you or your family do not wish to be photographed. Unless NCMS receives written documentation stating that photos may not be taken of you or your family member, NCMS reserves the right to use all photographs and videos for promotional purposes. The majority of the photographs used on our website are provided by Mark Stern Photography.