What is Music Therapy?  

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Music Therapy is a researched-based practice using music to achieve non-musical goals, similar to those in physical therapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy.

What topics are addressed in a typical Music Therapy session?

Through a series of personalized interventions such as singing, movement to music, instrument play, and songwriting, clients and Music Therapists will focus on a variety of non-musical goals. These goals will vary for each client but might include and/or be related to:

Meet  Tori Caruso , MT-BC

Meet Tori Caruso, MT-BC

  • Speech Therapy Goals

  • Occupational Therapy Goals

  • Physical Therapy Goals

  • Improving Social Skills

  • Emotional Regulation and Expression


Who can benefit from Music Therapy?

Since each Music Therapy Curriculum is completely customized by our Board Certified Music Therapists, people of all ages and abilities can benefit from a customized Music Therapy program. Music Therapy has been shown to be especially beneficial to people with Cognitive Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, Autism, PTSD, and Alzheimer's.

How Can I Get Involved?

Contact our main office or email our Music Therapist at musictherapy@nashuacms.org to talk with our staff to see if Music Therapy is right for you.  Then schedule a 1 hour consultation with a music therapist. The cost of the consultation is $99. After this consultation, our MT-BC will design a specific curriculum to fit your needs and goals. Most clients choose one of the following instructional formats:

  • Private One-On-One Music Therapy sessions

  • Small Group Music Therapy sessions

  • Music Therapy through Music Outreach

    • Work with our Music Therapists to design a program to specifically to fit the needs of your organization.

    • Music Outreach programs are available on-site at NCMS or off-site at your host location