Trash Talk JR and The 21st Century Extended Day Program

Training the next generation of unconventional drummers

Trash Talk Jr at Fairgounds Elementary

Trash Talk Jr at Fairgounds Elementary

What is trash talk Jr?

Trash Talk Jr is designed to introduce the power and excitement of drumming with recycled percussion to elementary school kids. Each class features original music composed for our unique instruments ranging from plastic buckets and barrels, metal pails, to good old trashcans. During the program, students are introduced to basic drumming technique and the innovative use of body/space percussion on these nontraditional instruments.  Trash Talk Jr is the perfect way for children to explore the world of rhythm and drumming in a fun and unconventional way.  No prior music experience is necessary. 

Community Partner: 21st Century Extended Day program

The mission of the 21st Century Extended Day Program is to provide students with academic and enrichment programs after school. The 21st Century Program believes that when youth participate in self-selected, academically-rich, structured activities which are linked back to their school day, academic achievement increases. 21st Century makes their safe, caring, and academically inspiring environment affordable to students from all socio-economic backgrounds by featuring a subsidized childcare rate at each of the Title I Elementary Schools in Nashua, NH.

Nashua Community Music School presents Trash Talk Ledge Street! Check out what these awesome kids did after only 6 weeks!

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Offering Trash Talk Jr. through the 21st Century Extended Day Program at Nashua’s Title I elementary schools allows the Nashua Community Music School to provide a cool, new, meaningful musical enrichment program free of charge to the students who need it most.  Bringing Trash Talk Jr. directly to the schools through the 21st Century Program breaks down the seemingly impossible barriers of cost, reliable transportation, and after school childcare for low-income families who desperately want to better their child through unique academic enrichment experiences. Now serving Ledge Street and Fairgrounds Elementary Schools

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